Zen #2 playing video games to unwind

Gaming, Work

You play video games?? Yes, this is an odd one. But the way I unwind after a crazy day of work is by playing video games. Somehow this lets me escape daily stress and gives me, depending on the game type, a sense of control. First of all, if I play a hack and slash- or […]

26 October 2017

My work inspiration #1 – Foundr magazine


I love to read articles and books for inspiration and motivation. And this can be books about startups, blog posts about someone’s success story, anything really. But lately, I have been loving Foundr Magazine. Foundr magazine This is a digital magazine for young entrepreneurs by young entrepreneurs. A monthly magazine that I read on my Ipad. (it […]

11 February 2016

Zen #1 – dealing with stress and anxiety


I love running and building our company. But it does take its toll. Starting a business felt to me like jumping off a high dive into a pool. It was my first jump into the entrepreneurial pool and it took a lot of strength to take that small step of the ledge. After that step, […]

27 August 2015

On my wish list, the Fujitsu Scansnap S1300i


One of my new obsessions is a scanner, the Fujitsu Scansnap S1300i. I am a bit of a gadget freak. I love new gimmicky things. Especially if I believe that they will make my life easier. It’s a small portable scanner that you feed all the bits and bobs that need to be scanned and […]

3 September 2014

Starting my own business!


Here we go I have a pretty busy life. Together with my boyfriend, I own a microroastery/coffee shop but I also work part-time in the art trading business. Because of this, I have no days off and life is hectic… But that’s a choice you make when you are starting your own business. With this […]

17 January 2014